A Guide to an Outdoor Wedding

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A Guide to an Outdoor Wedding

Specialized tips in planning your perfect day under the sun or stars. Summer and Fall topping the charts for the perfect seasons to fulfill that life commitment. Varying colors and styles to choose from depending on your place to wed. Ideal outdoor accommodations to suit your wants.

Tips on the right rugs, chairs and the right decorations for your chairs. Everything to dress up your place to make your special day just the way you envisioned it. Ensuring that your guests are 100% satisfied, help on creating the perfect menu. Choosing an outdoor wedding, the menu would do the best with BBQ as the entrée. Picking the right drinks and making sure your wedding cake can withstand the outdoor weather.

Easy fixes to problems like bugs or shade is also available and is a must know. Ideas on how to fix up your day just in case the weather changes its mind at the last minute. This is also a must know and have because the weather is never certain. Finding out the right permits to have to enjoy your outdoor wedding. Each place requires permits for things like how many guests or even noise.

Making sure that you have the proper electrical equipment is also important. That special dance you will have with your new husband won’t be perfect unless you have the right equipment. Tips are provided for this as well. When the party is all over and its time to take off how would you do it? There are so many options like a boat. You want to make your day memorable and ending it is just as important.

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