Digital Piracy Statistics & Facts

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Statistics About Digital Piracy

The digital revolution has brought about many changes in our lives.  While the public appears extremely willing to adopt the latest and latest tech trends, others are less obliging.  Especially one as large as the Music Industry.  Sales statistics have been changing at an alarming rate as of late, as most people are preferring to only receive digital copies of their favorite music albums, and less interested in lugging around piles of CD’s and figuring where to store them when their music preferences change 5 years later.  But as music slowly transitions towards this medium, there are other battles to fight.

Internet-piracy statistics

Digital Music Piracy

This desire from consumers for digital copies has led to an increased availability and higher ease of pirating the music.  Essentially, this means that the Music industry has been losing large portions of their revenue, as consumers simply refuse to pay for their music, and instead opt to download illegally instead.  SEO services may be the next step in providing an easier way to make digital sales for Music labels, but until the industry adapts, there are negative implications for the sector we love to take advantage of.

These digital piracy statistics provide by the infographic provide a glimpse into the future and the music industry better pay attention.


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