Explorer Travel: An Extreme Guide to the World

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Explorer Travel: An Extreme Guide to the World

If you’re heading out the door and into a great adventure, you have to make a plan to account for every possible detail. You will also have to make every item count. If it doesn’t have a practical use save it for last and see if it will fit.

Adventure travelers can overlook basic things like lip balm, footwear for all possible terrain needs, and even a camera. The handy tool you are about to use is a veritable cornucopia of useful information about what you should pack and why.

For example, toiletries. Do not forget to pack your essential toiletry items. You will regret that when you’re nowhere near civilization. Your travel companion may not want to share their stash.

What about underwear? Mom always said to wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident. Make sure they are made of synthetic fibers that will move moisture away from the skin. Find other suggestions below.


Explorer Travel - An Extreme Guide to The World



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