Facts About Rare Earth Metals

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And so rare earth materials have made it big time. It really is true, even President Obama is speaking about them and the impact they will have on US and Chinese industry relations. But enough your jazz. We keep asking what are these kinds of rare earth minerals we hear a great deal of? Where do they originate from? And why do we care?


Effectively, for starters they’re essential to making a lot of the products we carry so dear. Wise phones? Check. Batteries? Check. Hybrid automobiles? You bet. Nevertheless, most importantly, they’re used in producing the magnet golf balls we love a great deal! That’s right. Buckyballs magnet balls are produced from the rare soil metal Neodymium. And so without neodymium, there can be no Bucky, or maybe Buckyballs or magnets balls and magnets cubes. And properly, that would simply not be any fun.

Via: Buckyballs – rare earth metals


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