How to Save Your Dog

 |  Animals


Whether you are caring for your dog, someone else’s pet or happen to see a dog in distress, it is helpful and important to know how to save its life. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique to use in an emergency to save a dog’s life or at least get it stabilized in order to get it the professional help it needs. Performing CPR on a dog is not the same as doing so for a human. The techniques are a little different since you could do more harm than good on a puppy without proper modified respiration. There is no better feeling than saving a life, especially if it were your own dog in need.

As a dedicated dog lover and owner, you should be prepared for emergencies which can happen at any time. If you are not educated enough in performing proper CPR on a puppy, which is much smaller and more delicate than a human, CPR pressure could literally break the pups ribs and cause more harm. Unfortunately, many pet owners are not versed on how to care for their dogs in emergencies. Getting certification takes such little time compared to losing a life without this first aid method which could not only help your dog but others in your care.


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