OxyContin: The Killer Addiction

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OxyContin is a prescription drug that is highly addictive due to its high levels of oxycodone, an opiate. Opiates are the key addictive factors in drugs like heroin, but in strict doses, can be used as a painkiller for chronic pain. Taking the drug inappropriately can lead to a physical addiction, including taking OxyContin with alcohol. Some will chew the pill or crush it and inhale it in order to get a quicker and stronger high. Abusing OxyContin can lead to many painful side-effects, including difficulty breathing, insomnia, vomiting, and joint pain. Overdosing can lead to death. Some celebrities, including Heath Ledger and athlete Derek Boogaard, have lost their lives to overdosing on the drug. OxyContin is widely abused due to its presence as a prescription drug – 25% of all drug abuse comes from the misuse of prescription drugs.

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