Tablet E-Commerce: Portrait of a Tablet User

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Tablet E-Commerce: Portrait of a Tablet User

Tap into facts and figures about the growing tablet market and its relationship to e-commerce. Learn about the tablet’s current and projected impact on web usage. Put your finger on the pulse of the tablet demographic with clear, informative statistics about consumer buying habits, the retailer’s perspective and more.

With mobile devices playing such a key part in e-commerce, this infographic takes a focused look at how retailers view the ever changing landscape of the web as they attempt to woo the tech-savvy consumer. It not only touches on e-commerce strategies, but also includes relevant ‘must-haves’ for a retailer when creating an app designed for the tablet-using consumer. View eye opening trends about the habits of shoppers using smart phones, desk top devices and tablets.

This visual presentation spells out the facts in a logical, eye-catching way, drawing the viewer from one important fact to the next, delivering quality information in a succinct, captivating manner.

[ Via: Miva Merchant’s ecommerce software ]


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