The Great Moving Checklist

The Great Moving Checklist

Want to take the burden away from moving day? This infographic is a print friendly checklist full of helpful hints that is sure to make your moving day the least painful one of all time.

First off, the graphics are so superb that you’ll breeze through the information in no time. That is what an infographic does: makes your life easier with pleasing pictures and useful information.

This infographic will help you to eliminate the mistakes of typical movers such as putting everything off until the day before moving day. The information provided takes you eight weeks out before the move to deal with such hidden tasks as cleaning out the gutters and creating an inventory of all your possessions.

Then count down each week one week at a time, until you arrive in the last week, when you’ll be able to count down each day to the big day. The attractive flow of information will make the planning of your move simple until your countdown reaches zero.

The details provided in this infographic are superb. You won’t miss a step with your vendors or government providers. Everything is included: taxes, banks, pets, kids – it’s all here. This move you won’t forget to defrost the refrigerator.

Also provided are general considerations for relocating such as preparing electronic items for transport and disposing of dangerous goods like oil, paint, and weed killers. Packing tips are included that tell you how to seal cartons, how to package particular items, and how to be efficient with the whole process.

What’s really neat though is the survival kit that you are encouraged to prepare. These are basic items you can set aside for your new location. Brilliant. Coffee, toilet paper, basic tools, and favourite toys for the children will never be lost again.

The worst thing that can happen on moving day is for your mates to show up and you are not prepared. Not this time. Use this handy infographic and keep the stress on the sidelines.

[VIA: Grace Removals Group]


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