The History of File Sharing

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The History of File Sharing

The history of file sharing goes farther back than you may think. No, it did not start with illegal downloading and file sharing to trade music; it started in the mid 1960s, when such concepts were beginning to take shape. The revolution in file sharing happened in the 1990s, when the Internet took off in people’s houses. Even now, file sharing is still being refined, with cloud computing now becoming popular.

The following graphic shows a timeline of the history of file sharing, from its early conceptual beginnings in the 1960s as ARPANET, to the current trends in file sharing. With the mass availability of the Internet as well as the take off of cloud computing, the program Yousendit has taken off as one of the pinnacles of cloud computing and file sharing. With among 2.8 million users, as well as a huge majority of Fortune 500 companies using the program, Yousendit is one of the easiest and more practical ways to share files among a clientele.

History of File Sharing Infographic

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